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    Best Video Production in Bangkok | MoveAsia


    SNS Video Marketing Production / Consulting
    Thailand, Japan


    Video posting is much better way to improve the engagement in your SNS page, compared to text or image. We can produce short videos which suit to your social marketing strategy (ex. 1 min. cooking videos) and also manage your social media. We have experiences to establish our own video media and are able to provide Japanese quality video because we offer services to Japanese clients which has high quality standard. By telling the attractiveness of your products with video, we would like to support a company who want to sell a good products.


    Aroi Thai Recipe

    Introduce creative new recipes within 1min



    In Aroi Thai Recipe, you can find creative recipes you never know and learn how to cook with 1 min video. Find our facebook page and enjoy new dishes!


    URL: https://www.facebook.com/aroithairecipe

    Sales channel development [EMFRESH] 

    Shorten the distance between consumers and farmers

    The physical and economic distance between consumers and farmers leads the consumer to be less associated with the source of their food and as a consequence can damage the farmer’s livelihood. We have developed a direct channel for consumers to receive farm fresh products and improve the communication between producers and consumers.

  • TEAM

    Masaru Ishizaki


    Master of Agricultural Science from The University of Tokyo, Graduate School. During his masters, Masaru studied new bacterial fermentation technology for biomass energy and materials.

    Prior to co-founding Empag, Masaru worked as a strategic consultant at McKinsey and Company. In the consulting firm, he developed a growth strategy for the Japanese agriculture industry along with a procurement/product development strategy for his clients. His entrepreneurial background includes the supporting of a Japanese real-estate start-up company as well as a new LED material development start-up in Seattle, USA.


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    • Video Shooter and Editor (Click Here)
    • Account Executive (Production/Advertising) (Click Here)
    • Creative Consultant (Production/Marketing) (Click Here)
    • Creative Consultant Assistant (Production/Marketing) (Click Here)
    *For Japanese, please see "http://recruit-jp.empag.sg".

    Singapore (HQ)

    ​8 Tomlinson Road, #05-01 Singapore 247857


    16 Soi Sukhumvit 15, Sukhumvit Street Vadhana District, Bangkok 10110, Thailand 

    EMFRESH: Direct farm product distribution channel via e-commerce, physical shop and office delivery

    Parent Corporation

    REAPRA PTE LTD is the parent corporation of Empag PTE LTD and the holding company of the group.

    HP (Japanese)